Our company’s history begins in the 1950s in a small belt craft workshop.


There, our founder, Miguel Bellido Martin, laid down the firm’s basic principles, which stemmed from his deep knowledge of the trade and his attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

These own distinctive touches have given Miguel Bellido’s products all over the years an impeccable quality and a distinguished finishing that, together with its strong handcrafted nature, explain the success of the brand.

A decade later and after the growing demand for Miguel Bellido’s products, the headquarters moved to their current location, Manzanares (Ciudad Real)

In 1970, setting one of the company’s major milestones, the firm became an incorporated company: Miguel Bellido S.A. This development broadened the business horizons and was followed by the opening of new markets in Europe and the USA. During this decade the company started manufacturing other leather goods.

Over the next few years, the company experienced spectacular growth. In the 80s, the brand OLIMPO was born; a parallel trade brand specialized in luxury and fashion accessories for men.

In 1984 Miguel Bellido S.A. was rewarded by the Department of Trade and Industry with the ‘Export Leader Award’ and in 1998 new headquarters with a floor space of more than 50.000m2 were built.

Miguel Bellido is currently a reference and an indisputable leader in the leather accessories sector, present in more than 30 countries.

The company has two leading brands:


This combination of craftsmanship and innovation enables us to take advantage of the best of both worlds to make a unique product of great quality.